Nov 30

What makes online learning impactful?

Designing effective learning is similar to designing behavioral interventions. The goal should always be behavior change, because how else will you get return on your investment if you don’t do anything differently afterwards?

We know that it is easy to give people knowledge, but it doesn’t necessarily change their behaviour – the same applies to online training. Changing behaviour is hard especially when it comes to learning, because it’s further along in what’s known as Bloom’s Taxonomy (1956). We can use the taxonomy to develop training experiences helps to explain the process of learning.
Much of online learning only includes the first two steps of Bloom's taxonomy, enabling their students to gain more facts and explaining ideas to others. However, learning to apply behavioral insights effectively requires raising the bar for the learning experience to applying, analyzing and evaluating. 

The revised version of Bloom's Taxonomy (2001, below) added action words that we can use to design learning experiences:
The goal of Behavior Change Society is to help people learn how to effectively change behavior. Given that, we feel strongly about applying these principles to our course design because we want to see behavior change as a result of completing our courses. Our school is based on a e-learning platform created by founders who all have a PhD in educational technology and instructional design. 

This gives us as Behavior Change Society a strong foundation for creating engaging learning experiences that are not only fun but also effective and allow our students to put their skills to practice immediately. 
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