Benefits of our training programs

Learning from leading practitioners

Having theoretical knowledge is important, but practical knowledge that you can apply in real world is crucial if you want to succeed as a behavioral science practitioner. Our instructors have extensive experience and curate the most important skills and knowledge for you.

A boost to 
your career 

An online program looks good on your resume because it shows employers that you are committed to learning and eager to obtain new knowledge and new skills - boost yours with a shareable LinkedIn certificate!

quality courses

Everyone has blind spots - it's impossible to know everything. Our courses are peer reviewed by two other instructors in the faculty and all new instructors are meticulously vetted for their expertise and experience as well as ability to teach. 

A global
learning community

Meet and connect with like-minded people and engage in conversation with instructors from around the world - all without leaving your home.

Engaging and effective instruction

Our lessons are designed to maximise engagement to help you learn more deeply. From quizzes to interactive video lessons, our courses will keep you motivated and eager to learn more. 

Courses that evolve with your skills and career

Our course offering will have something for everyone - from more foundational learning to highly specialized top-up knowledge for experienced practitioners.

Courses coming soon! 

Register your interest to be the first to know when courses launch and receive an early-bird discount - and a bonus discount if you persuade a friend or colleague to register too...

Course selection pre-view

We are currently working hard on developing our courses launching in early 2021 - in the meantime, we can give you a sneak peek.

Certification courses 

Hybrid formats with live and self-paced elements, culminating in a professional certificate.

Spotlight sessions

Keep up to date with the latest behavioral science research on specific topics with reviews curated by experts.


Work on your own case studies and projects with an experienced instructor. 

Webinars & invited talks

Insights and advice from global experts both in academia and industry.


Self-paced summaries of full courses for those who want to study an overview of an application domain at their own pace.

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