Meet the faculty

Amy Bucher, PhD
Technology & Health

Amy is Vice President of Behavior Change Design at Mad*Pow where she combines behavior change science with service and experience design to create solutions that help people  achieve personal goals related to health, wellness, learning, and financial well-being. She holds an AB degrees from Harvard University and a PhD from University of Michigan, and she is the author of Engaged – a practical how-to for weaving behavior change and motivational science into the product design and development process.

Guy Champniss, PhD
Sustainability & Behavior 

Guy is a consultant and an academic who works across a number of sectors, including banking, healthcare, education, market research, FMCG and technology. He is currently the Head of Behavioral Science with a global communications consultancy, a co-founder of behavioral clean energy consumer solution, a strategic advisor to behavioral energy efficiency solution and a visiting professor at IE University in Madrid. He is the co-author of ‘Brand Valued: How Socially Valued Brands Hold the Key to a Sustainable Future and Business Success' and his award-winning research has been published widely. He holds an MBA and a PhD in applied experimental psychology.

Greg Davies, PhD
Behavioral Finance & Investing

Greg is an expert in applied behavioral finance, impact investing, financial wellbeing, and FinTech. He started the banking world’s first behavioral finance team at Barclays in 2006 which he led for a decade before joining Oxford Risk in 2017 to lead the development of behavioral decision support software to help people make the best possible financial decisions. Greg holds a PhD in Behavioral Decision Theory from Cambridge; and he is the co-author of 'Behavioral Investment Management’.

Christian Hunt
Risk & Compliance

Christian Hunt is the founder of Human Risk, a Behavioral Science consulting and training firm specializing in the fields of Ethics & Compliance. Previously, Christian was Global Head of Compliance & Operational Risk at UBS Asset Management and COO of the Prudential Regulation Authority, a subsidiary of the Bank of England. He is an expert on risk and how people perceive risk.

Nick Hobson, PhD
Emotions & Consumer Behavior

Nick is the Director of Behavioral and Data Sciences at Potential Project, Chief Scientist at The Behaviorist, and Director of Media at the Global Association for Applied Behavioural Scientists (GAABS). With a PhD in Social/Organizational Psychology and Neuroscience from University of Toronto, he helps create knowledge communities where academics and practitioners can work together in delivering evidence-based change and his award-winning podcast covers the promises and perils of applied behavioral science in work and life.

Tim Houlihan
Organizational Change

Tim Houlihan is the founder and chief behavioral strategist of BehaviorAlchemy, a consultancy that applies a behavioral lens to improve the lives of workers, customers and policy makers. His clients include non-profits and firms from the Global 1000. He is a frequent university guest lecturer and is a co-founder of Behavioral Grooves, a leading behavioral science podcast with listeners in more than 120 countries.

Kiki Koutmeridou, PhD
Philanthropic Behavior

Kiki is the Chief Behavioral Scientist at DonorVoice, an experience and relationship company. She specializes in supporting charities answer key fundraising questions from “what is the underlying motivation for charitable giving” to “should the ask string start with the highest amount?” With an MSc in Neuroscience, a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and, as former head of two applied behavioral science units, Kiki expertly applies academic understanding to real world fundraising challenges.

Kurt Nelson, PhD
Employee Engagement & Motivation

Kurt is the founder and president of The Lantern Group, a behavioral change and communication agency. He is a sought-after consultant, speaker and recognized leader in human motivation and behavior change who has worked for over 20 years with global companies to apply behavioral science principles to drive change in their organizations. Kurt also is the co-founder of Behavioral Grooves, a global top 20 Social Science podcast, and has an MBA from the University of Iowa and a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Capella University.

Ruth Schmidt
Behavioral Design

Ruth is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Design (ID) at Chicago’s Illinois Institute of Technology where she focuses on the intersection of behavioral economics and humanity-centered design (HCD) by combining strategic design methods with behavioral insights. She was previously a senior leader at innovation consultancy within Deloitte where she developed applied behavioral and design methodologies to help clients across health care, financial services, education, and civic domains.

Neela Saldanha, PhD
Global Development

Neela is an applied behavioral scientist who works at the intersection of behavioral science, poverty alleviation and effective altruism as well as having extensive private sector experience in consumer insights and a PhD in Marketing & Consumer Behavior from Wharton Business School. She partners with organizations to solve behavior change challenges in public health, livelihoods and education, and until recently she was the Founding Director at the Center for Social & Behavior Change at Ashoka University. The Center is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Koen Smets
Organisational Behavior

Koen is an organization development and behavior change expert with 25 years of experience of working with organizations in the private sector and public sectors across Europe, North-America and the Far East. He also teaches a course in Ethical and Evidence-Based Decision Making at University of Saint Louis as an adjunct assistant professor. He uses a broad framework with elements from economics and behavioral economics to diagnose organizational dysfunction and to implement solutions, and shares his observations of human behavior in a weekly blog on Medium.

Nathalie Spencer
Financial Wellbeing

Nathalie is an applied behavioral scientist working in financial services. In her work in insurance and banking (IAG, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ING), she brings behavioural insights to the design of products and services to improve customer outcomes. Nathalie is the author of ‘Good Money: Understand your choices, boost your financial wellbeing’. Her writing and work have been featured internationally in various media channels. Prior to working in financial services, Nathalie worked at the RSA (Royal Society of Arts) a think tank in London. She has a BCom from McGill University and a MSc in Behavioral Economics from Maastricht University.

Caroline Webb
Workplace Performance & Leadership

Caroline is CEO of How to Have a Good Day - a company specializing in showing people how to use insights from behavioral science to improve their working life. Her book has been published in 14 languages and 60+ countries. She is also a Senior Adviser to McKinsey, where she was previously a Partner. An economist by background, she uses behavioral science to help her clients discover how to be at their best and how to bring the best out of their colleagues. She is a Founding Fellow of the Harvard-affiliated Institute of Coaching and has degrees in economics from Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

Matthew Willcox

Matthew is the founding partner of The Business of Choice, a behavioral insights consultancy. He has spent over 25 years working with global brands and NGOs on behavioral strategy and behavior change initiatives. His book, T'he Business of Choice,' won the American Marketing Association’s Best Book in Marketing award in 2016. Matthew is a regular speaker at conferences, and has been a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley and UC Davis. Over the last decade, he has trained thousands of people on the application of behavioral insights, through his “business of choice” workshops.

Why our instructors are excited about BCS

The field of behavioral design is a work in progress, past the curiosity and "silver bullet" stages but still maturing. The Behavioral Change Society platform promises to help keep practitioners up to date, and fill the gap between beginner knowledge and genuine expertise in ways that one-off courses never could.
Ruth schmidt
Behavior change science and human centered design go hand-in-hand. I’m thrilled to be able to offer psychology content that UX, design, and research professionals can use in their work to create more effective and engaging products and services.
amy bucher
The BCS platform is a superb initiative, which widens the application of behavioral science well beyond the well-trodden paths of consumer marketing, personal wellbeing and public policy. I am excited to be able to share my insights and experience in using behavioral insights in organization development and organization change, alongside such an eclectic group of like-minded practitioners.
In today’s fast paced world, information is easy to come by. What isn’t easy is to find information that is curated, vetted, and delivered in a manner that is actionable.  That is why I am so excited about the Behavior Exchange Society – because it provides actionable insights for people in relevant behavioral science topic areas by instructors who are at the top of their field.
The Behaviour Change Society is helping advance the foundational principles of behavioral science to facilitate easy integration with other disciplines. Professionals need better tools and I’m excited to be a part of this exciting organization!
Ethics & Compliance aren’t top of mind when it comes to Behavioral Science; so I’m excited to share this emerging area with an audience that’s as passionate about Behavioral Science as I am!
Christian hunt
Understanding behavior, and how people choose isn’t just an important part of marketing, it’s what marketing is all about. And what behavioral scientists have learned about behavior and decision making is an invaluable resource for marketers, as long as they have the patience and rigor to delve deeper than the Cliff Notes. My goal is to help marketers and insight professionals apply behavioral principles to the choices they need people to make, and to apply these principles ethically and respectfully, so that the resultant choices are rewarding not just for the marketer, but for the chooser as well. I can’t think of a more perfectly aligned partner to do this with than The Behavior Change Society.
matthew willcox
Behavioral science has become extremely popular and, as exciting and positive as that is, it's not without any dangers. So I'm very happy to be part of a community that is expanding our knowledge based on reliable evidence and helping people understand how to apply these insights to their specific domain. I'm here to share how behavioral science can be applied to philanthropy but, as importantly, I'm here to learn from others. 

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