The Problem

You can never stop learning behavioural science because today’s myths are yesterday’s facts – but it can be overwhelming to keep up with it all!

There are many books and articles these days, but if you are relatively new to behavioral science it can be overwhelming.  Although books are a valuable resource for learning, they don't offer exercises to practice or opportunities to clarify your ideas.  

Human behavior is complex and the success of a behavior change initiative is often in the small print. Most available courses on applied behavioural science are aimed at a broad audience which makes it difficult to apply the knowledge you learn effectively.

The Solution

An online platform that offers advanced courses in different application domains of behavioral science taught by the world's top professionals.
Offering courses online allows you to access the knowledge of experienced practitioners from around the world – regardless of their location or yours. 

The focus on application domains means courses are designed to be directly relevant to your work, making the behavioral insights easier to apply quickly - in many cases, you can even work with your own examples or case studies!

We ensure high quality through peer review by other expert practitioners and courses designed to be engaging and accessible to help you learn quickly and effectively. 

Meet the Founder: Elina Halonen

It is my mission to bridge behavioral science and business.

I believe that by understanding human behavior, companies can make their products, services and marketing more effective. I have worked in applied behavioral science for 15 years. With three master’s degrees, I have the expertise to bridge business and behavioral science.

My learning journey has not stopped, and it never will. As a behavioral science practitioner, I need to make sure I keep up with the fast-moving science. I knew I wasn’t alone – this is a challenge we all share in the field, whatever our area or level of expertise. 

We need a place where we can find courses to help develop and hone our knowledge and skills. We need a place to learn from other behavioral science practitioners and share best practices, because when we learn together, the whole field evolves.

Join me on my mission to transform careers and empower the next generation of behavioral science practitioners!

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